Remembering this November 11
01 Nov

Remembering this November 11

Air Raid Precautions helmet, circa 1942. BV996.19.3

On November 11, we pause with two minutes of silence to honour and remember the many men and women who have sacrificed their lives for their country. Burnaby has a proud history of citizens who have served overseas for more than 100 years, including our contemporary times today.

Many personal stories and records are held and preserved in the collections of the Burnaby Village Museum and the City of Burnaby Archives. A selection of these records and items are indexed and accessible on Heritage Burnaby. We have provided some links below for you to learn more.

World War I

World War One online collection includes photographs and artifacts

City Council reports - World War I

World War II

World War Two online collection includes photographs, artifacts, and oral histories

City Council reports - World War II

Civil Defence photographs

Civil Defence artifacts

Post-World Wars (1950s & 1960s)

Council - Manager's Reports - 2005: Korean War Memorial

Council Reports - Civil Defence 1950-1969

Civil Defence photographs (1960s)

Civil Defence Film:  "Operation Mink Farm" April 1955

Burnaby also has a series of heritage landmarks that you can visit, or read more about online:

Burnaby South High School Cenotaph & Memorial Tennis Courts

North Burnaby Cenotaph

Burnaby Civic Employees Union Memorial Fountain

South Burnaby Cenotaph

Council - Committee Report- 19-Sept-2005: Burnaby's World War II Honour Roll

For additional information regarding these records, contact the Burnaby Village Museum or the City of Burnaby Archives -

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