Additional High Resolution Photos Available
28 Jun

Additional High Resolution Photos Available

The City Archives is pleased to announce that over 150 additional photographs on Heritage Burnaby now have high resolution JPEGs (access copies) available for viewing and downloading from the site. Each year, the City Archives updates the access copies as photographs’ privacy or other restrictions end. The City Archives hopes that this will provide Heritage Burnaby users with better access to these photographs, without any unnecessary barriers.

These photographs, which are identified as those with “No known restrictions” as their Reproduction Restriction, can be viewed and freely downloaded as usual. Photographs may display on Heritage Burnaby at a limited size, but are viewable at their full resolution when downloaded (by clicking the “Download” button in the image viewing window).

Please credit the City of Burnaby Archives, the six-digit photograph item number, and the photographer’s name (if known) in any use of photographs downloaded from Heritage Burnaby.

Pictured above: "Hill family." City of Burnaby Archives. Photo ID 477-196.

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