08 Sep


This summer, the Burnaby Village Museum is exploring the history of agriculture in Burnaby. Visit the museum to see old-fashioned garden tools, find out how people preserved their harvest to eat over the winter, and check out a backyard garden display that offers a peek into the incredible variety of food grown in Burnaby backyards today.

The Tutti Fruitti is one of the kitchen tools on display in the Stride Studios exhibit gallery. Fruit is placed in the bowl at the top of this cast iron kitchen tool. Turning the handle rotates a large auger that tears the fruit to pieces as it presses them down into the increasingly narrow tip. The juice is able to escape the pressure through a fine mesh strainer, and pour out the spout. Everything else drops out the bottom.

The Museum is open for the summer season Tuesday through Sunday, plus holiday Mondays, from 11am to 4:30 pm, until Labour Day. HV973.95.1

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