Even More High Resolution Photos Now Available
18 May

Even More High Resolution Photos Now Available

The City Archives has completed the next phase of its project to provide high resolution JPEGs (access copies) online for photographs without privacy or copyright restrictions. As part of this phase, more than 750 additional photographs now have high resolution access copies available for viewing and downloading on Heritage Burnaby. 

The photographs in this phase were collected during a number of projects undertaken by the City of Burnaby that document the anecdotal and community history of Burnaby. The Pioneer Tales series includes photographs that were collected for Pioneer Tales of Burnaby (1987), which documented senior residents’ personal experiences of life in Burnaby between 1888 and 1930. The Burnaby Centennial Anthology series includes photographs used in Burnaby Centennial Anthology: Stories of Early Burnaby (1994). Some photographs in this phase also belong the City of Burnaby Community Heritage Commission’s Burna-Boom Oral History Project.

In addition, this phase includes the Burnaby Image Bank series. These photographs were originally collected by Simon Fraser University Archives staff in 1991 to celebrate the Centennial of the City of Burnaby, and were later donated to the City of Burnaby.

These photographs can be viewed and freely downloaded as usual and they can be identified by the "No known restrictions" value in the Reproduction Restriction field. Photographs may display on Heritage Burnaby at a limited size, but are viewable at their full resolution when downloaded. Please credit the City of Burnaby Archives, the six-digit photograph item number, and the photographer’s name (if known) in any use of photographs downloaded from Heritage Burnaby.

More information about the prior updates of high resolution access copies are available here and here.


Pictured above: "Inauguration of the water system at Burnaby, July 16, 1912." City of Burnaby Archives. Photo ID 204-798.

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