Charting Change Atlas

The legacy of Burnaby's history can be seen in every corner of our city. Charting Change: An Interactive Atlas of Burnaby's Heritage charts the natural and cultural heritage of our community through the use of four interactive maps linking history and geography to reveal community.

On each map, Burnaby's heritage landmarks, historic buildings, and neighbourhoods are plotted and linked to historic photographs, artifacts, and neighbourhood histories. Tools and resources from all of Burnaby's Heritage partners - the City Archives, the Burnaby Village Museum, the Burnaby Planning Department and the Burnaby Historical Society - are combined to provide a unique perspective of Burnaby.

The atlas also makes use of Google Street View capabilities, allowing users to zoom into many of our sites to view them in their present context offering a rare glimpse of how the landscape of our city has evolved.

Early Burnaby

Up to 1904
Explore First Nations uses of the land and the impact of non-Native settlers and industry.


early burnaby

Pioneer Burnaby

Learn about Burnaby's first real estate boom and the early development of the municipality.


pioneer burnaby


Discover the impact of the Depression, Second World War, and post-war era of suburban development.



Modern Burnaby

1955 - 2008
Research sites and events in the present era of urban growth.


modern burnaby

We acknowledge the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Program.

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